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This is distressing news for all involved in campaigning for justice; the more so since we had hopes that society was progressing towards that goal after a constant stream of revelations from victims brave enough to face media confrontation and exposure.

I too feel sickened and ashamed that it has taken so long for victims to grab the courage to voice their pain in the hope of being heard, only to have the sweet smell of hope replaced by the vile stench of bureaucratic corruption as the powerful ranks of the accused close in to protect the perpetrators; like Roman legions closed ranks to form their ‘turtle’; turning shields into a protective shell around and over the foot-soldiers.

I’m moving house so all is turbulence and organised mayhem pro tem. I’ll be on the move from Wales to Worcestershire but my final destination is known to the Lord alone and he’s not telling – even me. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying a few days at a quiet hotel by the sea before joining my daughter at her pretty little house in Pershore where the pocket – handkerchief garden is the perfect spot in which to sip a glass of wine and watch the sunset. I’ll be in touch – asap.

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