SKRIPAL, SYRIA, NATO & BREXIT: why they are all Siamese quads joined at the Head

There is more than a whiff of conspiracy about the whole unsavoury business.

The Slog.

methoughtful An unsatisfactory and suspicious ‘end’ to the Skripal affair, the threat of another false flag over Syria, an incestuous EUNATO army, and a Brexit that is no longer Brexit. Try as hard as they may, there is no way anyone can convincingly suggest that these outcomes are random. Those who continue to push for them are gambling with every human life on Earth.


Although Yuria Skripal was discharged from hospital some weeks ago, we don’t know where to. And while her father Sergei is pretty perky now, he’s not quite perky enough to speak to us. The last ‘solid’  news was that the two would be given false identities, and resettled in the US under the auspices of the CIA.

There seems to me an indelible Truth on one issue in particular: if the pair were going to play ball with the UK/EUNATO line on the poisoning, they’d…

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