EXPLOSIVE: Jeremy Hunt, a cancer screening policy change in 2015, the appointment of a US software giant, and lies about when he knew the facts.

This is one parliamentary creature who is possessed of a slime that enables him to stick to that cabinet table and the Prime Minister’s wavering hemline like a limpet without showing the least ability to do either of the jobs he’s being paid to do. Another case of ‘not what – but who – you know’?

The Establishment rules, and though professing to care, their deeds have failed to produce any worthwhile results, other than more of the same shambolic excuses for an ever increasing list of shameful mishaps, mistakes and blatant mismanagement with the promise of more of the same for the foreseeable future.

The Slog.

methoughtfulFollowing Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s statement to the House of Commons last Wednesday about breast cancer screening gaffes going back to 2009, we have seen a blizzard of blamestorming from a bewildering range of NHS departments and cancer charities. As ever, Hunt apologised….but had an alibi:  computer error. Did he tell the truth?


Jeremy Hunt is fortunate, in that bigger stories like Windrush and the local elections have relegated the breast cancer cock-up to being something of a media also-ran.

But that may have changed this morning, following a Sky News interview with a breast cancer awareness expert. She told the news station that on Hunt’s watch, the Government controlled Public Health England (PHE) had in fact changed its policy on breast cancer screening and that – in her view – this was a bigger factor in resultant deaths than computer algorithm “faults”.

Everyone potentially culpable for the oversight/software/policy change…

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