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The replies are a sad reflection on the current situation which is itself a disturbing revelation about our society and the legal system operating within it.

That it is true, I have no doubt since I know, and have met several victims; three of whom are octogenarians. They have been battling for justice for more than twenty years; two are physically and incurably ill, in addition to the mental distress they are suffering since both are convinced their problems will never end until they are dead.

Long ago, I believed in British Justice. Now I know it is a fallacy that exists in some Utopian dream. if you are rich – you stand a better chance of winning your case than if you are poor, which equates to; no money = no justice.

Like the legal immigrant who, having worked as a daily help for a rich family for eighteen years, was summarily dismissed without warning as a result of something someone else put on Facebook – notwithstanding the poor woman had no computer or access to the internet and knew nothing about the unsavoury matter – she was told that as she was self-employed, there was nothing Acas or anyone – other than a private solicitor, could do for her, and of course, the outcome could not be guaranteed. The injustice of the situation was inconsequential, as was the heartbreak of the woman concerned.

Many promises are made by those seeking power, but words are easier to speak than deeds are to do – so the words that trip off the tongue when politicians seek our vote, are quickly forgotten once derrieres are sitting on seats.

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