Legal Action For Women: “Profit Drives UK Child Protection”.

My daughter is a therapist who has scant respect for social workers who, in her experience, exacerbate problems of their own making and take little or no notice of the advice or opinion of qualified experts with years of specialised training in the behavioural problems of children and young people.

The one thing social workers and the law fail to understand is that above all things; children need NURTURING – and this includes the love that comes naturally to 99.99% of all birth mothers for the children they carry for nine months under their hearts and then give birth to. Only those who have experienced this can understand the torment and anguish of mothers who suffer the utter despair of having their children forcibly removed from their care; to which must be added the trauma suffered by the children.

Too much credence is given to those who – ‘think’ they know best, while not enough is given to natural common-sense. Today’s news highlights what happened when experts were believed in the cases of premature death among some elderly patients; I know there have been others in Wales where families had to accept what the experts told them when they knew in their hearts that all was not what it appeared.

I helped one such family extract an apology from West Wales Glangwili Hospital some two years after the death of their elderly father. That would have failed too, but for the tenacious courage of the daughter-in-law whom I knew as Susan after she got in touch with me when I was chair of what was Carmarthenshire Older People’s Partnership, a campaigning group acting on behalf of older people until 2010.

It should not require the tenacious courage of family members to get to the truth. Help should be there for the bereaved, but even better – there should be legal restraints in place to prevent gross misconduct – whether against children, their parents or elderly patients. .

via Legal Action For Women: “Profit Drives UK Child Protection”.

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