Top Child Welfare Bodies – Government’s Social Care Guide Riddled With Serious Errors

Indeed, the Government’s Social Care Guide may be a many-splendoured thing but is already riddled with serious errors. I would have hoped that by now lessons would have been learned and some real expert advice and experience would have been brought to bear on a subject that will reverberate for years to come as it echoes through future generations.

Why do I get the impression of a hard-nosed team of civil-servants, some well-passed their sell-by dates, sitting round a table and hag-riding this subject? The outcome may well be as much of a waste of time as was the advisory group convened to consider the modus operandi for the much lauded and highly costly appointment of an Older People’s Commissioner in Wales.

Yes, older people were consulted and we were positive in stating our considered parameters – and though printed in black and white, the appointee deliberately chose to ignore them claiming that she could not deal with individual cases – which was a specific point that I know had been inserted. We had all been aware that every case would be on an individual basis, and although similar patterns might emerge, each person’s case would have to be treated as an individual item. Perhaps that was the reason she was not re-appointed, but also why the role seems to have disappeared off the radar. If only those in the driving-seat could realise that although many case are similar – no two cases are identical. We cannot be squeezed into little boxes – some of us just won’t fit.

As is so often the case, many words are spoken – they fall easily off the tongue, and sound-bites make good publicity for politicians, but translating words into deeds take more effort as well as time – and time is what these children do not have. Their formative years pass too quickly and the harm done to them is likely to colour the rest of their lives. They cannot be made the scapegoats for political correctness and experimentation any longer – the time for experimentation has long passed – we need positive, well-planned action that will stand the test of time.

via Top Child Welfare Bodies – Government’s Social Care Guide Riddled With Serious Errors

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