Government Has Been Using Big Data For Years To Predict Child Abuse

Computers and their software are only ever as good as those operating them. We are still many years from having ‘thinking’ robots.

Although those that we do have are pretty impressive, they can only operate within the limits of their programme – and the person operating that programme. God forbid that children and childcare should be consigned to robotic machines. It all sounds too much the stuff of science fiction and not what childcare systems should be about.

The initial cost is enormous, but will become factored into the calculations of civil servants, who doubtlessly will churn them out to politicians, so they can gleefully spin them to the press and media when on their walkabouts – as money-saving soundbites.

It’s all about justifying the spending of great sums of money that sound impressive when addressing great gatherings at conference, etc., but amount to very little in the hard light of day and the constant struggle of making ends meet for Mr & Mrs Everyman. They know from experience – it will mean more taxes and having to face the constantly increasing burden that the daily cost of living has become for so many of us.

via Government Has Been Using Big Data For Years To Predict Child Abuse

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