Voyage to California (10) – John Jackson Lewis – January to March, 1851

A continuing family history that enthralls the reader throughout its many archives.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

(1) John Jackson Lewis, (2) Edith May (Lewis) Rider, (3) Marian Faith (Rider) Irwin, (4) Marian Dunlop (Irwin) Guion, (5) Judith Anne Guion.

The following are transcriptions of John Jackson Lewis’s diary and journal of his voyage to California in 1851. He was going from New York to visit his older brother William in San Jose.


Hired a mule this morning, to ride to Panama for $15. Started at 8 o’clock. Traveled by and mule path over a very hilly country, mostly through a forest. Stopped and halfway house to dinner. Passed numerous eating and drinking houses, dignified with the name of hotels. Crossed a number of very pretty little mountain streams, and passed several ranches of the natives, some of which appeared to be well supplied with turkeys, ducks and chickens. As we neared the Pacific coast, considerable change was perceptible in the character of the woods…

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2 comments on “Voyage to California (10) – John Jackson Lewis – January to March, 1851

  1. Judy Guion says:

    Maureen – Thank you for the re-Blog. I am pleased to share my family’s stories to a broader audience. Again, thank you for your help.


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