Report Finds Social Workers Discriminate Against Disabled Parents.

This is a shameful revelation and needs to be addressed at once.

To be disabled is not an invitation to be stigmatised by social workers whose job it is to enable those with disabilities to function as well as they are able.

The ParAlympic Games have shown that those with disabilities can reach pinnacles never previously reached through sheer courage and determination.

I have personal experience of living with a husband who, at twenty-six, was the victim of a drunk driver. He adapted to reduced mobility when one leg was amputated at the thigh and the remaining limb was subjected to more than twenty surgical procedures to make it look like a leg with limited function, albeit with the prognosis of increasing pain with decreasing mobility – yet he went on to become a doctor and then a consultant ophthalmologist at an eye hospital and responsible for helping young and old with defective sight, as well as indulging in his love of flying and photography as hobbies.

The only limits for the disabled are the restrictive parameters that society places around them – so get rid of the restrictions.

via Report Finds Social Workers Discriminate Against Disabled Parents.

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