Family Court Reform Event Opens Its Doors To The Public.

So, justice will be dispensed at the turn of a wheel somewhere in the ethernet – rather like a game of social roulette – except that instead of chips, we are playing with human lives – and all because we no longer have time for – people.

There may be one consolation; machines could be considered impartial, but not incorruptible since they can be programmed or fixed, and can only ever be a good as the individual operator.

Researching Reform

Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service is holding an open event in London, on 29th October, to update family lawyers and service users about its £1billion reformation programme. Those who cannot attend will be able to watch the event through a live stream.

The event is one of several seminars aimed at informing the public and legal professionals about reforms being implemented across civil and criminal courts. The seminars come amid claims from the National Audit Office that HMCTS has failed to deliver on reforms due within the first phase of improvements.

The NAO’s report highlighted several concerns, including the following:

  • HMCTS had improved its approach, but overall it was behind where it expected to be and significant risks remained
  • HMCTS had made less progress overall than expected at this stage
  • Expected costs have increased and planned benefits have decreased
  • There are gaps in the funding for reforms in…

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