Police Scotland’s own hate crime

I was always brought up to respect law and order, but now in my later years as an octogenarian, I have learned with some sadness to treat the police and the law with more than a little scepticism having witnessed the appalling miscarriages of justice enacted upon old friends, now also in their eighties.

They have suffered so much because of the corruption that is endemic among those who are supposed to uphold and enforce the law, and the laws that are meant to protect the society in which we live.

Perhaps the internet, with its immediate access to so many homes and individuals,  has raised public awareness about problems that have always been there, but about which we have been totally ignorant.

Communication has never been easier, or quicker in allowing us to access more than our forebears could ever have envisaged possible. This must present quite a problem for those who want to keep us in ignorance – especially when it lets the cat-out-of-the-bag on their shenanigans.

I don’t doubt that there are many uncomfortable seats and red faces among those who are doing their damnedest to keep the lid on their misdeeds, but I also believe the truth will out in the end no matter how much the schemers plot to keep it under wraps. Let’s raise our glasses to the liberation of truth.

via Police Scotland’s own hate crime

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