Films To Watch

It takes great courage to face and discuss moral issues, especially those dealing with children and the often heartbreaking stories that accompany them as dark baggage.

I have seen ‘The Children Act’; it was superb and heartbreaking at the same time, I can recommend it to all those who care about things that matter.

Researching Reform

Four films which feature child protection themes have been aired over the last few months to critical acclaim, and so we thought we would share them.

TRIGGER WARNING: please bear in mind that some of the trailers in this post may contain distressing images, particularly for those who have suffered child abuse. 

Based on a true story, A boy, a man and a kite, is a new film centering around child sexual abuse at Carmel College in the UK, which was referred to as the Jewish Eton before it was closed down in 1997. The information available from the Film Collaborative’s page, tells us more:

“A bedridden man, on the edge of death, contemplates the sexual abuse he suffered as a boy and seeks resolution and redemption from his past.

It’s an abstract narrative short film based on true events in the early life of British composer Stephen Endelman…

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