Truman and the Pacific War

This makes important reading for anyone interested in facts and the way history is made.

Pacific Paratrooper

Potsdam Conference w/ Churchill, Truman & Stalin

Harry S. Truman did not have the outstanding record that most people look for in a president. He had poor eyesight and was unable to complete a 4-year college. Later, he failed as the owner/operator of a small mining and oil business, as a farmer and then as a haberdasher. (In my opinion, that only left politics as an option.)

HST was elected to the Senate with the assistance of the corrupt Thomas J. Pendergast and proved to be an unimportant legislator. His only military achievement was in successfully tightening up the discipline of the rag-tag outfit he was given. He was chosen as the Vice-Presidential candidate because southern democrats liked him and FDR needed those votes. (I’m afraid these facts were located during research, they are not my own thoughts – unless specified.)

This was the man sent to Germany, sailing on…

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2 comments on “Truman and the Pacific War

  1. GP Cox says:

    Thank you, Maureen. This post certainly started some heated debates among the readers.


  2. Lively debate is a necessary ingredient for eliciting truth; bravo to all who encourage that, so all the more power to the elbow(s) of your typing hands for bringing it to our notice.


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