Judge Who Compared Social Workers To Nazis Called A Hero By Parents Going Through The Family Courts.

It’s an old but constant saying; the truth will out in the end. It may take time – too often, a long time – indeed sometimes it comes too late for some victims, but inevitably the truth will emerge – thank heaven.

It is also true that some people die before they get justice; I know more than one case where victims of injustice are now approaching, or are in their eighties; too unwell to do more than hope, and keeping on pursuing justice with dogged determination, even though they are as far from achieving their goal as ever they were over the last twenty plus, because it has become a way of life – in fact – it has become their reason for living.

Justice can be as ephemeral as a Will o’ the Wisp in far too many cases for it to be a coincidence, especially as the majority left waiting are among the less affluent. For those with the means, justice is simply about engaging the best lawyers and never mind the cost, but for those with little money, the story and outcome are very different.

With such prospects, it is indeed reassuring to know that there are still those who will dispense justice just because it is the right thing to do

Researching Reform

Parents inside the family justice system have come out in support of a Crown Court judge who compared Barnsley council’s social workers to Nazis after their handling of an investigation left a vulnerable child traumatised.  The council forced the young girl to strip naked and undergo an invasive medical examination, weeks after her mother had committed suicide. Barnsley council also wrongly accused the girl’s father of sexually abusing her.

Judge Robert Moore told the court that the council’s “social services were like the SS of Nazi Germany.” Moore went on to say, “they’re literally the SS in their name, and their manner of working is somewhat draconian.” The father was being sentenced for harassing a teacher at his daughter’s school.

Families took to Facebook to voice their support for Judge Moore, in response to Barnsley council’s decision to raise a formal complaint with Sheffield Crown Court, where the judge…

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