Council To Complain After Judge Calls Its Social Workers Nazis.

The truth hurts, especially when pride takes a knock from those with the authority to wield the hatpin that pricks the bubble.

Researching Reform

Barnsley council has said that it will make a complaint to the Sheffield Crown Court, after one of its judges likened social workers at the local authority to Hitler’s paramilitary organization, the SS. Judge Robert Moore also called the council’s social workers ‘draconian’, after reviewing its handling of a child protection case.

The Crown Court judge was sentencing a father for harassing a school teacher, as part of a case which saw the council wrongly accuse the father of sexually abusing his daughter, and subjecting her to invasive and unnecessary medical examinations.

Formal grounds for the council’s complaint are not clear, though it’s unlikely that any action will stem from the grievance. Community Care followed up on the story this week, after this site published details about the case last Friday.  The online magazine also linked to our piece on the case, and quoted a selection from a judgment we…

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