Parents Rail Against Big Business Inside The Family Courts.

Who would not have a heavy heart after reading this post? Just when you think you’ve been made aware of the depth of social and human depravity here in UK, the chasm opens further and you plunge still deeper.

There is much that remains unexposed, but gradually, victims are finding their voices, and through posts such as this, we will ensure they are heard – especially if those that read them pass them on to friends on the internet – so let’s keep networking.

Researching Reform

Parents who have experienced child protection proceedings inside the family courts have reacted angrily after an investigation revealed a huge spike in profits within the foster care sector. The findings come just as new research confirms that forced adoption of newborns has more than doubled, with no clear indication as to why so many babies are being removed from their parents.

According to The Sun, the foster care industry, which is valued at £1.7billion, has seen a sharp rise in foster care companies backed by large private equity funds sweeping up taxpayers’ cash. The report also mentions the latest stats on children taken into care, which show a 34% rise in the number of removals, to more than 10,000 children being placed in care, a record number for one single year.

The article in The Sun features families who have gone through child protection proceedings and who are outraged by…

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2 comments on “Parents Rail Against Big Business Inside The Family Courts.

  1. butlincat says:

    It is nothing less than an abomination what’s going on and has gone on for too long – it is human trafficking: pure and simple – an affront to anything decent. What kind of person – especially someone who is claiming to care for children as a “social worker” – could conspire to traffick a child away from his/her parents in convoluted court hearings? Those conspiritors responsible for robbing a child from his/her parents can only be described as monsters – period.


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