MPs Criticise Government Policy On Legal Aid.

There remains the fear, and the conviction, that justice is still only within the province of the wealthy and those with influence. It is an appalling conclusion; one that must utterly depress those who have battled so long for universal justice for everyone – whether rich or poor.

Researching Reform

Members of parliament have criticised the government over its provision of legal aid for family cases, in a debate held yesterday in the House of Commons. The discussion, which focused on the future of legal aid for both civil and criminal cases, looked at the impact of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO), on access to justice.

The government had hoped that its removal of legal aid for private family cases would lead to an increase in the number of families using mediation to resolve issues, and unblock the family courts, however this has not been the case. Labour MP, Teresa Pearce, who took part in the debate on Thursday, told the Health and Social Care Committee that research had shown a 56% drop in people accessing mediation services since the policy change.

Andrew Slaughter MP, (Lab), who also attended the debate, was scathing about…

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