Maurice Kirk: Hunger strike continues as does denial of private and prison healthcare + the outrageous “MG6D” rule that is used by police etc. to deny disclosure of evidence entering a court case – 07 Nov. 2018 + archive

The waters get murkier and those in authority lose more credibility.


This, from the “Inside Times” prison newspaper shows how court cases can be manipulated away from true verdicts, by the denial of what could be vital evidence in cases using the “MG6D” ruleand IT’S TOTALLY LEGAL! 

Received:  After waiting 40 mins. in the rain [because any post is denied from entering + being delivered to any resident in my block of flats] the post finally arrived with backdated letters from MK, including a note dated 4 Nov. which stated: “Still on hunger strike: “Food refusal” HMP now call it! and “Refused medication entirely today!” and “Told outright: G4S does not allow private care”, along with =

1]  2014 form: “Consent to share information” + other reapplied for + rejected by prison regime – latest date 03/10/2018

2]  HMP warning appeal form response 02 Nov. 2018

3]  “S. Wales police coverup” letter  03/11/2018

4]  G4S letter stating “imposing…

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