Councils Showcasing Kids For Adoption Are Breaking The Law

The comments generated by this article make the whole British system sound like a cattle market at best and a slave market at worst. Whichever way we choose to look at it, it is a damning indictment of our social and judicial services. It means that all the findings and reports of child agencies, so recently in the news, are so much dross and utterly meaningless.

The older I get, the more angry I become at the way the Establishment treats the ordinary people of the UK; with the contempt that the powerful reserve for those they consider as less than dust beneath their feet.

I have never been in favour of violence, and am appalled at the thought, but some manifestation of civil anger at this terrible injustice is surely warranted. How dare Social Services, or any other government department, advertise ‘children for sale’ on the internet – or anywhere else – in the knowledge that the adoption service is worth so very much money to those departments concerned.

In fact,if these reports are true, there is little to choose between the slave masters of the past and those who work in today’s social services, other than the niceties of language and social decorum. Either way, the outlook is damning. The son of Queen Elizabeth II may be celebrating his seventieth birthday as Prince of Wales, but Britain hasn’t cast off its less than noble heritage of subjugation and oppression.

via Councils Showcasing Kids For Adoption Are Breaking The Law

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