Suicide Rate Up To Five Times Higher Among Mothers Whose Children Enter Foster Care

It is too easy to compare ordinary mothers, fathers, and parents in general, with those parents who have historically foisted their children in to the sole care of nannies, nursemaids and laterly – au pairs; and so decide there is a fundamental lack of concern among those parents who suffer so much when robbed of their parenthood.

It is a clear breakdown in trust, and in the fundamental rights of parents to bring up the children they have conceived and borne.

Researching Reform

New research has emerged which confirms that women who have their children removed from them and placed into foster care, are more likely to commit suicide than mothers whose children are not fostered.

An article in The Conversation written by Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, a PhD student at the University of Manitoba, Canada, highlights key research which shows an increased mortality rate for mothers who lose their children to the care system.

Wall-Wieler explains that while mothers whose children are taken into care sometimes have underlying health conditions, the studies take those pre-existing conditions into account, meaning that the data is directly linked to the impact of losing a child to the care system.

The first study, published in December 2017 in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, was co-produced by Wall-Wieler, and examines suicide attempts and suicide completions among mothers whose children were placed in care. The researchers discovered that…

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