To Our Readers: Merry Christmas, Thank You, Let’s Make 2019 A Monster

Without people who write such posts as this, the cause for raising awareness for justice for parents and children would be the poorer.- even non-existent. Your constant research and ferreting for the truth is heroic. I salute you and all involved.

Researching Reform

As the end of another year approaches, we would like to thank our readers and posters for taking the time to explore our site, share their thoughts and help to raise awareness around child welfare. We are hugely grateful for your support, and this year you have helped to take the site and its work further than ever.

Our most read stories in 2018 reflect growing concerns around self-serving politicians and government bodies, a keen interest in child welfare professionals challenging forced adoption, the impact of the care system on families and a surprise entry in the form of a post on child pornography:

  1. A Mother Got On Her hands And Knees In Court And Begged Me… Please Don’t Take My Children Away.”
  2. The End Of Forced Adoption In The UK? Meet The Social Workers Challenging The System.
  3. MP Calls For Government Review Of CAFCASS
  4. Is Virtual Child Pornography A…

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