Forced Adoption Protest Held On Christmas Day

There is much that must be done if the rottenness at the core of our legal system is ever to become fit for purpose. Revelations through this regular post have been staggering – and still those in authority continue to flourish while flouting all rules of honour and honesty and victims continue suffering heartbreak and degradation.

Common Purpose is an ever present evil; it benefits those at the top of the pyramid by ensuring they remain at the top, no matter that they trample on those beneath them in their scramble to the top of whatever profession they wish to pursue.

Researching Reform

A father from Royston launched a protest against forced adoption outside Barnsley Town Hall on Christmas day to raise awareness around the impact of forced adoption and the policies the UK uses to implement the practice. John Aveyard lost his four children to the care system. The siblings were then split up and forcibly adopted.

Forced adoption, or non-consensual adoption as it is sometimes called, allows the government to remove children from families where there is a risk of harm, without getting parental consent. The practice is used in a small minority of countries around the world, with consensual adoption being the preferred approach for the majority of countries.

As part of the demonstration, John put a table up outside the town hall and placed four candles on it, one for each of his children as a reminder that they would not be sitting with him at the table on…

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