Government Holds Children’s Social Care Debate IN SECRET.

The water gets ever murkier, and the web of deceit ever tighter, the older I get.

At eighty-two, I thought I had learned much of what there was to know about this country in which I was born. No way; I am as one newborn. My eyes have been opened by those who have suffered so much, and been forced to face a future that is seasoned with much pain.

I feel angry that I have spent so much of my life being duped by the Establishment; the very system in which I placed so much trust. This was the system by which my parents lived and brought me up to believe in.

Politicians, lawyers, judges and the police were people to trust and believe in while royalty was sacrosanct – and not expected to cause an accident one day and then drive around in a new car the next, as though nothing had happened – and without so much as a thought for the trauma caused.

Sorry – this is no longer the country with values I recognise, and those at the top are unworthy of respect or trus

Researching Reform

A government debate on children’s social care hosted by the Backbench Business Committee took place yesterday. In an unusual move, the Committee did not send out details about the debate before it was held in the House of Commons.

The debate which was sponsored by Tim Loughton MP and initially scheduled to take place in October, was quietly cancelled last year without notice after thousands of parents across the UK expressed interest in the discussion. Some families had set aside funds to travel down to the event, while others had arranged to take the day off work at personal expense to attend. Backbench Committee debates are open to the public. Families across the country reacted to the cancellation with disappointment, while some parents criticised the government for what they felt was a cowardly decision


We asked Tim for a further update on the event in November, but…

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2 comments on “Government Holds Children’s Social Care Debate IN SECRET.

  1. elspethc says:

    I do agree with those feelings you express – though I have always been politically left, if there is such a thing as a line which is doubtful. However for most of my life I didn’t do anything about it, just thinking that family and work were what mattered and blindly assuming all more or less right with the world. Now, no more being blind. Late maybe, but I am delighted that younger people are now more aware.


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