UK Family Courts Are Harming Children’s and Parent’s Mental Health

I heard similar stories of injustice reported on BBC 4 today. It is time that the legalities operating within our country were skewed towards delivering justice for the ordinary people.

So much of what happens in our courts of law is conducted in terms that date back to the Saxon-Norman period of Britain; which may sound very impressive, but requires translation by very expensive lawyers and wastes far too much time while failing to deliver what we all seek in those courts – justice.

Researching Reform

Complaints by families that their mental health is being badly affected by the way Britain’s family courts handles child protection and divorce proceedings are growing.

A rising number of service users on social media sites are reporting heightened levels of anxiety, depression and symptoms similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some parents are also being diagnosed by counsellors and psychiatrists with mental health conditions including PTSD, which have come about during the Family Court’s handling of their cases.

Failures by councils, lawyers and police to properly investigate abuse and organise support early on are also causing concern. A new suit filed against a UK council makes several allegations about the local authority’s handling of a public family law case, including failings around providing the applicant parent with proper psychiatric support. The parent, who was a victim of domestic violence, was also not made aware of their right to obtain…

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