My Stalkers and the smear campaign they’re made part of – Saturday 15 Dec. 2018 + archive UPDATED + more targeting + “the “snooper’s charter” ruled illegal”

I have two friends; MG & JL, who have suffered similar intimidation for over twenty years. Now in their eighties, there is no prospect of a let-up.

This is a situation that is unbelievable to any sensible, law-abiding person: that it has been orchestrated with the connivance of the very powers responsible for law-making and law-enforcement, is even more difficult to comprehend.

It is utterly reprehensible when we consider that taxpayers’ money is being used to finance these malpractices, and downright evil that they should continue doing so.

A long time ago, in the days of genuine reporting and investigative journalism, this would have prompted action, but the Big Brother Business Syndrome has smothered such enterprises and initiatives[ it has cost us a valuable source for freedom of expression.

I am reminded of Nina and Frederick in the late sixties with their song about ‘Little Boxes’ made of ticky-tacky that all look the same filled with people doing the same thing and their children going to the same school; reminding me of HG Wells and his acute perception of things to come.


Rogue police have been behind my gangstalking for years, I very very strongly allege. Who else could have the power to do what they have done by getting so many agencies etc. to enact their sometimes severe harassment against myself as they have? They have ended up getting “shadowbanning” performed on many of my online posts on my sites, and, I very strongly allege, hack my computers and phones to the point of making the said appliances unworkable, with the need for them to be replaced. Even my Royal Mail has been affected in the past, and much I do in my everyday life is affected to a smaller or larger degree, I strongly allege, because, for one thing, I dare to expose certain horrific cases of corruption and even name those [allegedly] involved in it – eg. regarding the highlighting of the chronic and severe [and provable] harassment by…

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