Naive Family Of Mum On The Run Ask Judge Not To Prosecute Her or Remove Her Child If She Comes Home

These posts are a damning indictment of British Courts and the whole legal system. The particular post by Jessica is particularly succinct as well as enlightening.

Researching Reform

The family of Ellie Yarrow-Sanders, a mother going through the family courts with her three-year old son, has asked her to come home after she went missing following the start of family court proceedings. Ellie’s mother and sister have asked the judge and the police not to prosecute Ellie and to guarantee that she won’t lose custody of her son, if she comes home. 

The request, which was made in the hope of reassuring Ellie that she could return home without repercussions for what the court will view as kidnapping, has so far not been met with any response from Ellie, who has been missing with her son for over six months.

In an official statement issued by the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary on 1st February, the judge overseeing the case did not promise to let Ellie keep custody of Olly should she return home, saying only that he…

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