Maurice Kirk – the outrageous targeting continues – 08 Feb. 2019 + archive

Morbid Petty Mindedness seems inherent in the Welsh legal psyche. Perhaps Merlin can be persuaded to awaken from his slumbers administer a sharp dose of poetic justice to those who appear to be indulging in more corruption.

I know from the personal experiences of two old and dear friends, that once stigmatised by police and the judiciary in Wales, it is impossible to get one’s life back on track. They too have felt hounded and harried in Wales.


My new probation officer is told by my last summer one in Parc Prison, I visited yesterday, that it is he to explain to me, how is it I am detained in a Welsh MAPPA hostel in Cardiff, of all places, when I was due to be released to live in England privately shortly after 1st Aug 18!

Recently disclosed false secret MAPPA data on me, may well be the reason for a further 8 months in custody, such as I am both a child and fire-arms offender, both a cannibis smoker and cultivator of the illegal plant, I have a 1980 ABH conviction and landed my WWII cub on President Bush’s front lawn! The ridiculous list has over 100 falsehoods.

This may account for why no bail was allowed for 8 months in the 2009 South Wales…

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