The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Simple words expressing a profound truth.

The KReative Corner

This is a personal story of how a childhood wound was mended by the power of forgiveness.

My Daddy left my brother and me at 12 and 7 when the marriage to our mother fell apart. A Father-Daughter relationship is the first modeled male/female relationship. A father’s absence in the life of his daughter makes her prey because she has no idea of her value, therefore suffering from low self-esteem and choosing mates she otherwise wouldn’t even consider.

It wasn’t until I became a parent, I understood they (both) gave the best they could with the “tools” given. The only way to have a different relationship with my children was to accept my parents with compassion; it wasn’t easy to do especially since their “scars” weren’t healed but it was necessary for my healing.

In November, I learned “Daddy” was hospitalized and would no longer be able to live on…

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