Government To Extend Legal Aid For Parents Challenging Adoption Orders

.The same holds true today as it did a hundred years ago: “He who goes to law,takes a wolf by the tail.”

In any legal action, the only winners are the legal eagles; the barristers and the judiciary.

Honest men and women become canon-fodder; victims of the legal system and just another batch of statistics.

I have become more sceptical with age and realised a long time ago that the battle against the Establishment is an impossibility, but while young and vigorous, it’s a very worthwhile game to play even if one emerges at the end like Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

I’ve played my games and enjoyed pitting my wits against some of the jumped-up twats in power, but now life has to be a little more circumspect, although my pen is always ready for action.

Researching Reform

The government has promised to extend legal aid support to anyone with parental responsibility for a child who wants to challenge applications for placement or adoption orders.

The government will also extend eligibility for non‑means tested legal aid for parents or anyone with parental responsibility who would like to oppose applications for placement orders or adoption orders in public family law proceedings. The Ministry of Justice will bring these policies in line with care and other orders classified under “Special Children Act 1989 cases”. Special Children Act cases include care orders, supervision orders, child assessment orders and emergency protection orders.

The Ministry of Justice will also bring forward proposals to provide a less draconian merits test, which will be equivalent to the merits test currently applicable in “Special Children Act 1989 cases”.

At the same time, the government has promised to increase the scope of legal aid to include…

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