Maurice Kirk: IMPORTANT DOCUMENT re: upcoming court hearing 30 May 2019 + archive

This case is surely one of the longest and most blatant examples of police and legal corruption in the history of Wales, a place where it is so often more a question of who – rather than what you know.


Received:  A PDF file containing important information relavent to MK’s case[s], and relavent to an upcoming hearing on the 30th May =

z z z zpdf z z MK sixth draft Saturday midday 23 Feb (1).doc2-converted

above: MK with “People’s Lawyer” Patrick Cullinane – who was not seen after date in 2017, also greatly targeted before his disappearance /  passing. Patrick was barred from many courts because they didn’t like what he said. 


Maurice Kirk: Letter to Alun Cairns MP, Secretary for Wales – the withheld MAPPA / Caswell Clinic records + complaints to police 12 May 2019 +archive

Received:  the latest notes from Maurice Kirk, 74, now in a wheelchair and being held on recall in HMP Cardiff, finishing a 2 year sentence [until possibly + at the latest December 17 2019]. Maurice was recalled back to prison in around 24th Febuary 2019 after failing to…

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