Voyage to Venezuela (2) – More Red Tape

A fascinating glimpse into the reality of history.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This is the  beginning of a series of posts concerning Lad’s Voyage to Venezuela, taking a similar route as John Jackson Lewis during the first portion of his journey, about 88 years later. Lad and Dan had been hired by their Uncle Ted Human (husband of Helen (Peabody) Human, Aunt Helen), sister of Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion, Grandpa’s wife who had passed away in 1933 after a long illness.

The following are documents my Dad had to obtain and/or deliver before he even set foot on the ship that would carry him to Venezuela. Dan had gone through this same process in September and October of 1938.

Report from Lad’s doctor that he had examined Lad and there was no evidence of leprosy, trachoma, insanity or epilepsy.

A statement from his doctor that he had been vaccinated.

The VISA Application Form

A letter from Lad’s employer, INTERAMERICA, INC. to the…

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One comment on “Voyage to Venezuela (2) – More Red Tape

  1. Judy Guion says:

    Hi Janet, Thank you for sharing my Dad’s journey with your readers. It will be a different story than that of John Jackson Lewis.


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