Maurice Kirk call 14 June 2019 – mail again refused to the RCJ – WHAT IS GOING ON? + archive

That one human being should have to suffer so much at the hands of those supposed to be upholders of the law is beyond belief. It is all the more shameful because no one with the power to intervene has done so, although they have been alerted and called upon to act. We are up against the old problem – no one will believe you.


Maurice Kirk call 14 June – mail refused to be sent to RCJ 14 June ’19 +archive

Again, mail is refused to be sent to the Royal Courts of Justice [RCJ] – DISGRACEFUL!


Maurice Kirk: 2 calls 10 June – nothing changes – 14 June 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk: 2 calls – nothing changes – 10 June 2019

Below, the letter received on 10 June ’19, dated 31 May – the day after Maurice was refused to be taken to his Cardiff Civil court hearing – courtesy of the prison, followed by the letter from the P.M.’s office, 05 June 2019:

2]  Letter from the Prime Minister’s office dated 05 June 2019 regarding letters regarding severe irregularities ongoing at HMP Cardiff – particularly the non-delivery of  Royal Mail to government departments and the withholding of mail to Maurice…

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