#Brexit UK: European Convention on Human Rights

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#Brexit UK: European Convention on Human Rights

Referendum Is a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision. synonyms: popular vote, vote, public vote,plebiscite, ballot, pol…

“Not all nation states have codified constitutions, though all such states have a jus commune, or law of the land, that may consist of a variety of imperative and consensual rules.”

Source: Referendum

Human rights and the EU

Last updated: 24 May 2016

What would be the effect on human rights if the UK leaves the EU?

Some things won’t change—and some things will.

We would still be signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights

The United Kingdom has signed the European Convention on Human Rights, which is an international treaty enforced by the Council of Europe—a group of 47 countries from Iceland to Russia.


Brexit and a British Bill…

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CONGRESSIONAL 22: How The Political State Affects Our Mental Health

The Neighborhood

Dave and Bev Derby“My brothers each took their lives at 36 after dealing with issues for many years of high anxiety, manic-depressive illness, and drug use. I hope that I have helped somebody see the light in this crazy world we live in.  Since I have had a rather heavy connection to suicide, I promised myself to seek health every day to protect my emotional and mental state. The work that The Neighborhood is doing reaffirms my conviction to staying above the anxiety in any healthy way that I can.  I am blessed with a wonderful life partner in Bev and together we channel our energy for good.” – Dave Derby, Fresno County California – Congressional 22


the legendary Mavis Staples
with You Are Not Alone


Devin Nunes

How The Political State Affects Our Mental Health

written & edited by Kendall F. Person

We cannot turn away, no matter how hard…

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Broken Light: A Photography Collective


Please welcome first-time contributor Bon, a single parent in her thirties living in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Australia. Bon has been living with Bipolar Disorder her entire adult life, and engages in a variety of creative pursuits, including drawing, drumming, writing, and fashion design, as a way to bring healing, meaning and fulfillment to her life. Spending time alone amidst nature also provides her with inspiration, as well as relief from social pressures and conventional norms that she often finds to be suffocating. Bon hopes to use creativity in all its forms as a tool to transmute feelings of hopelessness and pain into a communication between kindred spirits.

About this photo: “This image conveys my enduring fascination with the relationship between light and dark. From a physical perspective, light is fascinating; the way it manipulates objects and surfaces, effectively seeming to change the very forms it touches. It evokes a…

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How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Eight)

Glimpses of Paris that are bewitching and beautiful.

Discovery Tours of Paris by Corey Frye

Oops, was yesterday Wednesday? I forgot to post my weekly set of photos. I guess spending 5 hours at Ikea trying to plan a new kitchen can mess with a guy’s sense of time. Another example of pesky reality getting in the way of creativity…

This week’s gallery is infused with a few food recommendations so get your Paris notebooks ready!

APC_3620 This was coming home from a tour in the 6th arrondissement. Light like this can’t be ignored! The subject matter isn’t the most lofty; just a woman on a bicycle. But this kind of theatrical light tends to make any scene dramatic. You Caravaggio fans will know what I’m talking about. That reminds me – I kinda miss Rome!

69D7B9B1-0C99-4EE2-BDD5-595DD73C329C I’m so thankful for this scene each time I walk down the quiet Passage Saint-Paul. Just too perfect! If Hollywood tried to create a turn of the century movie set…

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6 years ago; cancer.

Surely an inspiration to all; especially anyone with a similar diagnosis.

Rhythm In Life


Today April the 29th six years ago I went under the knife for a liver resection to take out a 22 centimeter cancerous tumor along with 80% of my liver.

That day even though my heart was at peace for myself, I was scared and hurting deep for my two babies that at that point I thought would have to grow up without their mother like I did. That thought was painful. And of course my husband, my groom, my best friend would have to live a long Life without me.

There I was on that little bed, all set to meet my maker; really, I thought that was going to be my day. In fact, my doctor didn’t think I would make it through and if I did, he believed I would need a liver transplant.  Well, after an 11 hour surgery procedure, I woke up the Intensive Care…

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Government Promises Regular Review Of Support On Offer For Domestic Violence Victims

Let’s hope the words are backed up by actions.

Researching Reform

In another debate in the House of Commons this week, Justice Minister Oliver Heald has promised to roll out a review programme which would regularly check and monitor support available for domestic violence victims.

When asked whether he accepted that the current provisions within the Legal Aid, Sentencing And Punishment Of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) were manifestly unfair to families exposed to domestic violence, Heald replied:

“[The Conservative Government] promised…. that there would be a review of LASPO and the legal aid provisions, and we have announced the timetable for that review, which has been welcomed, but I agree that we should have a process of constant improvement in helping the victims of domestic violence.

We shouldn’t hold our breath though. The timetable to examine LASPO’s effects, which estimates a review will take place a year from now, gives the government ample time to avoid addressing the terrible…

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