Social Worker Struck Off For Belittling And Endangering Domestic Violence Victim

This social worker, must be named , shamed and never be allowed to work in the profession again.

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A social worker has been struck off after an audio recording emerged in which he made degrading comments about a victim of domestic violence, and shared her whereabouts with the man convicted of assaulting her. The incidents took place within a child protection investigation.

The man had been accused of standing on the pregnant woman’s face and threatening to pour oil on her. She later escaped by jumping out of a window.

The social worker, who has not been named, called the woman a “pathological liar” and said she was “bi-polar”. The HCPC conduct and competence committee reviewing the case said the social worker’s tone in the recording was “wholly disrespectful” and “bordering on degrading”.

Of greater concern was the social worker’s decision to tell the man accused of abusing the woman, the location and times of meetings she would be attending, putting her and her unborn child at risk. He…

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Former Abuse Inquiry Panelist: Counsel Silenced Me So That May Could Become Prime Minister.

The dark forces at work behind Home Office protege Theresa May’s determination to be Prime Minister and the silence imposed upon former whistle-blower witness in the Child Abuse Inquiry.

Researching Reform

In a controversial interview released today, former Child Abuse Inquiry panel member Sharon Evans makes a startling number of revelations about the Inquiry.

A child abuse survivor and journalist who founded children’s charity Dot Com, Sharon accuses the Inquiry of trying to stifle concerns about the way the investigation was being run so that Theresa May could be pushed into office as Prime Minister.

Ms Evans also said that there was no independence whatsoever at the Inquiry, and that the confidentiality clause which all panel members had to sign, effectively prevented her and others from exposing the truth.

She goes on to allege that Ben Emmerson QC, who was lead counsel for the Inquiry at the time, warned her that if she made her concerns public, she would be discredited. Sharon tells Talk Radio:

“I was taken to one side and it was made clear to me, I was…

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Lois Austen-Leigh’s Incredible Crime

Too long left in the backwoods; definitely time for an airing.

Interesting Literature

In this week’s Dispatches from the Secret Library, Dr Oliver Tearle returns to the Golden Age of detective fiction with this crime classic

Before Colin Dexter breathed new life into the genre with his Inspector Morse novels published from 1975 onwards, the Oxbridge crime novel was already a sizeable subgenre within detective fiction: there was the Queen of Crime Dorothy L. Sayers, whose Gaudy Night (1935) had helped to blaze a trail for the Oxford crime novel, and in her wake, Bruce Montgomery, under the pen name Edmund Crispin, wrote mystery novels set in Oxford, where he was studying for a degree when he wrote his first, The Case of the Gilded Fly, in 1943. Crispin’s creation, the amateur sleuth Gervase Fen, is also an Oxford don and English Literature professor at the university.

But before these, there was Lois Austen-Leigh’s quartet of Cambridge crime novels, of…

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Question It!

It would appear that children and young people are still the victims and losers in this ongoing battle.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

A recent article in the New Zealand Herald calls out a practice in the country’s Family Court called ‘uplifting’. (WARNING: article features highly distressing video footage).

The practice can involve physically removing a child from persons or premises in order to return them to a parent whose custodial rights have been breached.

There may be no warning that the uplift is going to take place, and police are often called in to remove children.

Uplifts occur after an aggrieved parent applies for a warrant to have their child returned. The use of ‘reasonable force’  is allowed where considered appropriate. The element of force and a sharp rise in the use of uplifts, are causing concern.

Video footage showing children in acute distress during the removal process has sparked outrage in New Zealand. New Zealand Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern called the recordings “horrific” and observed that…

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What Samantha’s Law Is About: Public Awareness

So much that is wrong; so much that needs fixing before it can be put right – but we have to start somewhere, so the sooner the better.

Parents Rights Blog

What Samantha’s Law Is About: Public Awareness

Source: What Is Samantha’s Law?

To SUPPORT and promote public awareness of the families hurting from the wrongful actions of the Child Protection Agencies. To SUPPORT families. To SUPPORT Velvet Martin and her family.

To help fund Parents Rights Blog and all the work I have put in campaigning for ot… | @scoopit 


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Public Law Children Act Adoption.

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Bent #Lawyers and #Cops: 1,264 Cases in 34 Stories of #Crimes and #Corruption @MoJGovUK @UKHomeOffice

Incredulity almost outweighs belief as this catalogue unfolds, but experience teaches that truth will out in the end. Such perseverance by the cataloguer gives hope to those who fear they may never live long enough to see justice delivered. The truth can be read here, and the criminality of those charged with upholding the law – as well as their failure to do so – is revealed, and thanks to the internet, at last we can read what those in power have seen fit to suppress.

Victims Unite!


This most remarkable report was derived from and ‘beautified’ for improved readability. It covers 250 pages and is too long to reproduce in its entirety. 

Other sections on the website include

Unfortunately, it looks as if the site was only maintained for a few years – without any contact. But with 1,264 cases, it paints a remarkably complete picture of all collar Crimes and institutionalised Corruption:

This section, and it is huge, looks at cases, dirty cops and what the Police do not like you to see about themselves.

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In The News

There are important issues to be addressed, and these articles make compelling reading for all who are interested in our young people. They will learn so much more if we make the knowledge available to them. Education releases the spirit that ignorance holds captive. Let’s help our young people to fly – they won’t learn to do that if they are locked up and confined.

Researching Reform

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