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This is distressing news for all involved in campaigning for justice; the more so since we had hopes that society was progressing towards that goal after a constant stream of revelations from victims brave enough to face media confrontation and exposure.

I too feel sickened and ashamed that it has taken so long for victims to grab the courage to voice their pain in the hope of being heard, only to have the sweet smell of hope replaced by the vile stench of bureaucratic corruption as the powerful ranks of the accused close in to protect the perpetrators; like Roman legions closed ranks to form their ‘turtle’; turning shields into a protective shell around and over the foot-soldiers.

I’m moving house so all is turbulence and organised mayhem pro tem. I’ll be on the move from Wales to Worcestershire but my final destination is known to the Lord alone and he’s not telling – even me. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying a few days at a quiet hotel by the sea before joining my daughter at her pretty little house in Pershore where the pocket – handkerchief garden is the perfect spot in which to sip a glass of wine and watch the sunset. I’ll be in touch – asap.

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The reports prove there is still so much to do if justice is ever to be done – and seen to be done.

With all the education and media awareness currently clamouring to make itself heard, we are woefully aware of the gaping holes in our system. There are theoretical solutions of course, but the practical ones continue to elude the powers-that-be; they continue inside their entrenched viewpoints, as blinkered as ever.

Currently in the throes of a house-move, I am currently locked into a daily wrangle of what to keep and what to jettison. The more I throw away, the more I want to rid myself of the burden that has escalated over of years and resulted in oceans of clutter. An old friend of mine made it a rule never to stay longer than two years in any one place because it meant she could not accumulate any clutter. I’m beginning to see her point of view.

It has made me realise that much the same applies to government departments – they need periodic sessions to spring clean premises and staff in order to rid them of stuck-in-the-mud ideas and people. Such shake-ups, if compulsory, would let air and light into the cobwebbed minds of bureaucracy, and that would surely be no bad thing.


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At Least 5,000 Children In Care Have Been Separated From Their Siblings

There can be no valid reason for separating siblings nor for denying immigrant children the right to speak in their mother-tongue – as long as the same children are given every opportunity to become proficient in learning English as a second language. I speak as one who has long enjoyed the ‘music’ of other languages as a teacher of English to students from many countries.

The impersonality of the ‘care-system’ has long been criticised. Above all things, children need love as part of their nurturing. When their birth-parents fail to deliver either or both of these, the state steps in and the child/children suffer. This is the time that support for the family is most urgently needed in order to prevent the breakdown that will necessitate a schism in the family unit.

A complete overhaul of the system is a necessity. It is currently not fit for purpose. This will be costly in terms of money, but such investment in the children, our hope for the future, will surely reward the initial expense.

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Question It!

Certainly more training is necessary for social workers, and whether courts are adversarial or inquisitorial suggests that something is wrong; something is out of balance, and has to be corrected.

No one can be absolutely right, so of necessity there must always be compromise, but why must the balance of compromise always be weighted in favour of the lawyers, judges and social workers? They do not have a monopoly on correctness; indeed, if history and experience, as recorded on this and other websites are to be believed, all three sources are suspect.

That reform is necessary is abundantly clear; reform from the top down and the bottom up has long been overdue. Overt discussion with all parties represented is vital, but finding someone with the courage to initiate the proceedings will need a very special team leader who has already earned the trust and respect of all participants?

Unfortunately, experience is like a college where, as students we may gain the knowledge that may well cost broken hearts as the price we have to pay, because too often what we learn to tomorrow would have served us better had we known it today. Hindsight is a wonderful asset, but it always comes too late. In so many of the cases in the Family Court Justice System, it is the children and their birth parents who pay the highest costs.

If support could be given to the vulnerable at the earliest stages, so many more would benefit and so much more could be achieved. Initially it will need an enormous injection of capital and the goodwill of all concerned, but in these days when governmental austerity is preached from Westminster for the taxpayer and carte blanche is given to capitalists and arms manufacturers, I’m afraid we may be whistling into the wind.

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