Sunshine and Flowers

Glorious sunshine, and a garden full of colour greeted me when I pulled up my window blinds this morning.

After yesterday’s scare, my leg has returned to its normal colour; most of the discolouration caused by contusion has disappeared, leaving only slight bruising behind the knee-joint.  Just to be on the safe side, I’ve started taking a small dose of aspirin again; hope it will help my circulation, but have also decided to return to my life-time habit of a daily walk; been a bit lax since the death of my neighbour’s dog, the main inspiration for walking since the last of my own three signed out five years ago. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, is not healthy.

The farmers kept up a relentless buzz of activity over the week-end, and again yesterday, as they gathered in their long overdue second silage cut.  The endless droning of their machinery, and the headlong flight of tractors towing silage waggons went on throughout the day, and long into the night with their flood-lights gleaming like beacons.  Listening to Radio 3’s broadcast of the BBC Proms was impossible with the windows open, so shut them, and turned up the volume.

I did try to listen to the Boulez bits, but still find his compositions rather like having to sit through an oculist’s field-of-vision test; pressing a button when detecting each pin-point of light as it occurs anywhere within the peripheral field of vision. Call me a Philistine, but I really don’t enjoy his work.

One comment on “Sunshine and Flowers

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