Some Things Make My Blood Boil

I’ve been prompted to write, because today’s news contained two contrasting stories: one about the plight of those who live on dwindling savings and pensions they thought would be a safe haven in old-age, but discovered they’re not so; the second story concerns a Chief Constable who has been forced to resign after being discredited and found wanting, so rather than waiting to be sacked, he’s retired with immediate effect, so will get a professional pension of £72,000 a year with contributions topped up by local council- taxpayers.

English: UK Police Chief Constable rank markings

English: UK Police Chief Constable rank markings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is not a singular case. Here in Wales a few years ago, the then Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police retired overnight, on a full pension, after it was revealed he’d been entertaining his mistress to lunch using his official credit card,issued and paid for by the local authority using council-tax-payers’ money.

Such items make me angry, and at the same time frustrated, by the brazen effrontery of those in authority prepared to look on this as acceptable behaviour, until someone blows the whistle.

Many of my years, since retiring from my ‘day job’, have been spent in helping those less able to cope with officials, and official correspondence, who, through no fault, other than that of believing other people were as honest and decent as themselves, have become enmeshed in quagmires of corruption and injustice; many have lost their homes, and some, all they possessions, because they took their problems to the courts where, having taken the wolf by the tail, they have paid the price, to the lawyers.

So many have found themselves in the position of victims; their stories disbelieved. It was through my own impossible story, and the tenacity with which I insisted on telling it, that many contacted me; hoping I might find a way to tell their story too.

The recent case of Jimmy Savile, and the ability of those in high places to turn unseeing eyes to what is going on among those who enjoy celebrity, power, and salaries commensurate with their often dubious lifestyles, is sickening and unacceptable.

It is to be hoped there is no place for them to hide; no place too dark for light to penetrate, and no entrance too small to allow those who seek justice to find a way through.


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  3. no wonder it made you furious!


  4. butlincat says:

    Thank you for following my wordpress. What has happened to Maurice Kirk, 72, my “sparring partner” is truly a public scandal which has cost the Welsh taxpayer [and UK] heaps. Maurice currently tells us he has 35 cases on the go or pending, against S. Wales police for “harassment” over the past 20+ years – he simply doesn’t have the time to bring more cases re: injustices on him, about. He won his case [in 2009 I believe] – known as the “machine gun case” – over the S. Wales authorities and they’ve never got over it. He has spent nearly 4 years since 2009 on remand, with all charges dropped each separate remand, with no compensation. This last imprisonment – released on March 27 2015 after a sentence of over 17 months [an 8 month sentence was doubled at one stage + a £1000 fine was given him during his sentence at a court hearing, for the loss of an appeal] was extremely dubious, to say the least. He is awaiting the result of an important civil case which took months, and was in the Final Submissions stage before everything was put on hold for the 17+ months of the sentence. Upon release he could finish his Fin. Subs. and they were handed in and he awaits the judgement, although he says the decision was taken months ago.


    • I am reading ‘The Establishment’ by Owen Jones. It reinforces all that has been said. I wonder ‘they’ allowed its publication. It should be mandatory reading for every sixteen to eighteen-year-old in secondary education – before they enter university and get sucked into the system. A brilliant exposure of all those who make up the top echelons of society in Britain.


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