Speak-Up or Bust

A chill start to the morning was further chilled by the news that politicians who lost their positions in the recent cabinet reshuffle are to receive honours. The concept is somewhat déjàs vu, but smells of hypocrisy in that only a week ago we learned; someone, in their wisdom, had concluded there were too many honours being ladled upon politicians, civil-servants, and celebrities for doing what they are supposed to do, and being well-paid to do so. In addition, many also receive additional, but lucrative perks for good measure. Now we hear, these discarded bits of flotsam are to be honoured with trips up the steps of Buckingham Palace; the House of Lords, ad nauseam.

Oh dear! Where did common-sense, consistency, and conscience go to? David Cameron’s conservatism may come with its own brand of forelock-tugging, lick-spittling mucosity, but with yesterday’s news that child-poverty is on the increase, this trivia from 10 Downing Street is as welcome as a deflated soufflé at a banquet.

Better news from the archaeologists working in Leicester who believe they have excavated the church belonging to the Friary of the Grey Friars in which Richard III was buried after his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

All this excitement on top of the news that a team from the Museum of London Archaeology, working at Shoreditch in London, believes it has uncovered the remains of the Curtain Theatre. This being one of the first two purpose-built theatres in the capital, and where Shakespeare’s Henry V and Romeo and Juliet may have been first performed in the two years after the actor Robert Burbage inherited both theatres from his actor-father, James in 1597, and before the Globe was built in 1599 following his demolition of the Shoreditch theatre; this resulted in its whereabouts lying lost under the streets of Shoreditch for five-hundred years.

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