Thoughts Whilst Walking

 I went for a long walk yesterday; the autumn tints were glowing among the few leaves left remaining on the trees and hedgerows, but they added to the feeling of well-being that seemed to bounce inside me now I was allowed my mind to wander away from the hustle and bustle of radio and internet; the promise of sunshine, little or no wind, and the chance to enjoy an hour just walking with no particular destination, was not to be missed.

There was little traffic, even on the main road from the village; time of the day I suppose. Walking down the nearest lane to my home, I was struck by the sparkle of the still wet drops of rain from the previous day’s downpour as they glinted like millions of winking diamonds among the blades of grass, and contrasting with the ridges of black mud churned up by all the passing traffic. Once or twice I needed to draw a little closer to the hedge, but on the whole, the passing vehicles slowed down for an elderly pedestrian stumping along with her walking poles. I heartily recommend the latter for distance walking, they make trekking through the Welsh countryside a lot easier.


4 comments on “Thoughts Whilst Walking

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