Tuesday’s Twitterings

Well, the hospital visit went well; the small wax deposits were removed, and my hearing is now much improved.  Surprising what a difference those little blobs can make.  Listening to the Proms on BBC Radio3 has reached another dimension; the result is bliss.

My daughter phoned to let me know her exam results were successful; she can now add MA to her qualifications; wonderful news, especially as, when at school, her then teachers, having failed to appreciate her profound dyslexia, told her she’d never achieve much.

What a difference having that diagnosis confirmed by experts made; just having a name put to her problem of finding a reason for her reading and writing difficulties was a considerable comfort.  Securing help to cope with her studies   enabled her to achieve both her BA, and now an MA; it has also confirmed her resolve to become a drama-therapist, helping others achieve their potential.

It’s a sad fact that in these times of financial hardship and restraints; facilities for enabling the less able are going to suffer the severest cuts.  Ironic too, that those who contribute so little to the welfare of society, get the greatest rewards, with fewer questions asked about the ethics of their self-seeking behaviour.   Why do we engage in the shallow culture of celebrity?

Money appears to lie at the root of so much corruption; together with the lust for the power that money can bring.  The imbalance has ever been thus, and many, far more erudite than I, have spoken long and loud, on the injustice of so much wealth and power being in the hands of so few people.

Many entrepreneurs have been, and are, responsible for much good; I just wish more of the nouveau riche would spread their wealth with less vulgarity on more worth-while causes, and those responsible for piling honours upon the unworthy, would cast their eyes in the direction of real heroes and heroines instead.

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