Wise after the Event

My father taught me to have a healthy respect for electricity, and all things electrical; just as well in view of recent events. My electric grass-strimmer was switched on last week-end, and after a few minutes, caused a complete shutdown of the fuse-box. Despite re-setting the switch, the same thing happened, and all appliances on that circuit were affected.

The culprit turned out to be the extension lead; in use since the early days of my marriage more than fifty years ago.  The electrician came and tested the reel; I learned I’d been using what could have proved to be a lethal implement, as it was not earthed. It has been rendered safe by removing its plug and socket, and now awaits the disposal team, while my grass strimming will have to wait for a new extension lead.

Being wise after the event, seems to be the theme in the news at present, with new evidence coming to light concerning the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989, and the semi-final of the FA Cup between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest when so many people lost their lives. It seems evidence might have been deliberately distorted to deflect blame from the police.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, may be wishing he’d looked before he took that leap into the unknown by issuing the foretaste of his speech to the press in which he labelled those who disagreed with ‘gay marriages’ as bigots, and had to retract the words a little later. It’s a shame; those thinking they know all the answers, while shouting loudest to drown out all other opinions, label those failing to agree with them, as ‘bigots’; failing to appreciate that we all have a right to think what we please, as long as we don’t try imposing our beliefs on others.

I am glad the disgusting T-shirt fiasco at the TUC conference has misfired. Whatever views might be held about political figures, past or present, such a gross display is in very poor taste; but then those who are prepared to wear such hate-filled slogan-covered T-shirts should be pitied, if that is the only way they can get themselves noticed.

Much more to the point is the cherry on top of the year’s sporting events – Andy Murray’s magnificent win in the USA. What an example of courage, tenacity and determination he’s been; very much in the spirit of Robert the Bruce who took heart, we are told, having watched a spider trying again and again to spin a web until it succeeded. Well done indeed. Does anyone else remember the triumphs of Coronation Year summer? I think that of 2012, and its Golden Jubilee triumphs, must be a close rival.

2 comments on “Wise after the Event

  1. its very good to have electrical appliances tested by trustworthy electricians if they act suspicious!


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