Wittering While Wondering

The morning has started with mixed weather, but my feline barometer has sought refuge indoors on her current favourite haunt on top of the bookcase outside my study. So, I think the weather is going to be somewhat dubious today. I gather from friends who, like me, are happy to share their homes with cats, their moggies too are fascinated by computers, and delight in the questionable practice of snoozing on keyboards; sometimes with disastrous results. After looking with horror at a screen of gobbledy-gook following the march of Kitcat  across mine, and subsequently diving to lift her clear before she got the chance of repeating her performance, I’m happy she’s decided to explore another venue; such as the bookcase already mentioned.

This morning, I tried a tip sent me by a well-meaning friend, involving wiping the skin under my eyes with thin slices of freshly cut cucumber. Apparently, cucumber contains collagen, and the thin smear of juice that oozes from the cut surface, is rich in this valuable aid for those whose skin has become etched with the march of time. It certainly felt good; my eyes did seem a little less tired-looking, though that could have been the effect of my second cup of coffee, but there was no doubt it tasted most refreshing.

I recently re-read a jotting in an old note-book: ‘Don’t complain about anything, unless you’re prepared to do something about it, and to stand up for what you believe is right. Remember your pen is mightier than the sword; blood is very messy, and books generally last longer than putrefying flesh, but never forget that it sometimes pays to pester those who can make a difference, and the power of words, written or spoken, can make that difference.’

Now where’s the next petition?

3 comments on “Wittering While Wondering

  1. Harbans says:

    You are absolutely right; complain when you can do something about it to rectify the defect we perceive in something.

    ‘Don’t complain about anything, unless you’re prepared to do something about it, and to stand up for what you believe is right…’ Very thoughtful of you madam.


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  2. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to get in touch.


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